Thursday, November 19, 2009

Healthcare Reform and other People's money

Roberta I think has nailed this one on the head.  She says in response to any speaker who says that 'a country as rich as this one can pay for....' (this part I'm paraphrasing, below is her quote):
This country's government isn't wealthy at all; in fact, it is deep in debt. The fellow who says otherwise is assuming that your money, your employer's money, every citizen's income, ultimately belongs to The State and that The State has every right to decide how it is to be spent.
 And she's right.  Our elected representatives are treating our money as if it was their very own piggybank ripe for breaking into to pay for their pet projects that may not be our pet projects.  The equally monstrous Health Care Bill that the Senate just introduced outweighs (literally) the House bill by several pages.  The fundamental thing that they don't understand is that government intervention, as has been shown time after time after time, does not help, it's counterproductive and harmful to whatever it is they are putting their fingers into.  They need to back off and repeal the other laws they passed that got us here in the first place if they really want to do any good whatsoever.

There's a classic oxymoron "we're from the Government and we're here to help".  That one has staying power for a reason....

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