Friday, October 2, 2009

Why they had to send Obama to Denmark...

Talking with B this morning. Tried to understand why they had to send Oprah and Michelle and Barak to Denmark instead of the mayor of the city that's been angling for the Olympics. Best we can figure is that Daly just has never bothered to take any speech lessons and he sounds like a Capone-era gangster, which just wouldn't fly with the IOC.

As a side note, the fact that it's such a chore and sacrifice for Michelle to fly to beautiful places with her entourage and snack on canapes, makes me dislike her elitist attitude even more than when she spent thousands of taxpayer dollars to get some specialized type of lettuce at the local farmers marker which had to be fully vetted by the Secret Service and accompanied by a line of limos that led back to White House (besides which I doubt she cooked it herself so what was the point other than to show what she can do?).

For someone who emphasizes humble beginnings (have you ever noticed that a LOT of liberals try to put themselves forward as self-made people rather than those who are either silver-spoon-fed trustfund babies or the recipients of public largess and open doors not available to folks like me??) she certainly has taken to trappings of privilege like a duck to water (Princeton/Ivy League training kicking in, no doubt). For some reason I constantly think of Marie Antoinette when I see Michelle or hear about things she's said or done.

Let them eat Kale!

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