Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thought of the day....

I was talking with a colleague at work (academia). He is a liberal and a Canadian and a very nice man. In any case, we got on the subject of term limits (agreed that they would be a good thing) and I said something along the lines that I felt the Founding Fathers didn't want a legalese definition of a natural born US citizen but instead wanted someone who was born and raised here and so 'bonded' with the country. He then said that if Arnold Swartzenagger could run for President he would vote for him and I concurred. So then... and here's the kicker, he asked what I thought about Obama. I said that I didn't think that he was a legitimate president under what the Founding Fathers would have meant. I've truly never seen anyone's jaw literally drop to the floor. He asked what the difference to me was between Obama and Arnold and I really didn't have an answer (well I did but still have to work with him).

So I started thinking. Why would I vote for Arnold, if I could, but not for Obama?? I think what it comes down to is this. Swartzenagger, a naturalized American, has fully embraced and, from what I've seen, truly loves this country, even if he was not born here. I think that he wants to see the country succeed as he has succeeded being here. He embodies the American Dream and he friggin' well knows it. He is proud to be here and is proud to be a citizen of this great nation. He is, in his heart, more of a native son by choice than many who are born here.

All of the legal issues aside (birth certificate and the Occidental University application wherein Obama states that he is a citizen of Indonesia), I don't think that Obama loves this country. I don't think he thinks of himself as an American because I think that he believes that he is above that designation. To his liberal mind it is more noble to be a citizen of the world. And that is fine, unless you are the leader of a country. I think that to effectively lead a country, you have to love that country, you have to be proud of that country, and you have to be proud that you are a citizen of that country. And I don't think Obama has that pride.

Michelle Obama stated that she was not proud of her country until her husband got the nomination for President. How can you effectively champion the causes of a country if you don't believe in it, are not proud of it, and want to change it into something else?? It's like finding a man and wanting to change him instead of accept him or like moving into a new neighborhood because it's different and better than your old one and then trying to make it into the place that you left. It just doesn't make sense.

The people who are presently in power in this country do not have pride in this country. Obama has apologized to the world for everything this country has done for the world since the turn of the century. He feels that to be proud of our people, our drive for success, our independent spirit is provincial and beneath him. And I don't think you can be considered to be a leader of anything that you denigrate and wish to change into something else.

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