Monday, October 5, 2009

SNL takes Obama to task on tasks not done

This video is brought to you via Powerline (h.t. The Breda Fallacy). I have to admit I laughed, but mainly from delight, because I thought it was funny that the writers on one of the most liberal shows are catching a clue. It made me sad too, because this very dangerous idiot is in place for another three years and if he does manage to do anything on the list, it's going to be ruinous for the country as a whole.

I think that this is FINALLY a sign that Obama's honeymoon with the press is over. Liberals are having to backtrack, if just a little, and are having to admit that maybe they voted for a Cult of Personality rather than for someone who has the... ahem... intestinal fortitude to be a world leader. Where Saturday Night Live goes, hopefully the Legacy Media will follow.

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