Saturday, October 17, 2009

A nightmare come true--an unholy alliance

B has been saying and I've been agreeing and apparently other folks have been saying it too. Government run health care would be the same as having your medical needs evaluated by the folks at the DMV. In this article (ht In Jennifer's Head), the present form of the health care bill makes this not far from the truth. In the 'plain English' version of the bill, there is a provision where folks will be able to buy their government-mandated health insurance at the DMV.

This is interesting on a couple of points: 1) it will be putting a financial burden for the federal plan on the states who already can't afford what the feds roll downhill to them now; 2) the government will be de facto taking over state-run facilities and so will control both.

My mind is shuddering at the thought of adding ANY responsibilities to those already not carried out by the folks at the DMV. If they can't figure out their own rules and regs (and those are just the state rules and regs) to the point where a simple transaction can take two to three trips, how, on this green earth, are they going to handle HEALTH INSURANCE options that will have labyrinthine federal rules and regs attached??

The article also has more information about bill provisions which have been very carefully kept under wraps. Read it.

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