Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Freedom is never free

There have been a couple of discussions on the above topic over at Tam's place with some related commentary at Shermlock Shomes.  The postings at Tam's and Shomes' have been about a total smoking ban in Marion county Indiana (I think that it did not pass, but was close).

What gets me, and I'm really just echoing what some other folks wrote, is that there are actually people out there who actually BELIEVE that the government should have that much control over what happens on private property.  The proposed smoking ban is really just a small step from the government coming in and saying that they have better use for the property you bought and paid for and here's your walking papers.  They always try to couch things under 'public health and safety' or something to make the non-thinking public swallow it.

Look at what's happening with Hamthrax (borrowing this term for Swine Flu from JayG at MArooned).  There's been a public emergency declared when considerably fewer people have gotten sick and/or died from the flu than in years when there's not the H1N1 component.  It's turned out to be a tempest in a teapot but they were trying to FORCE people into getting the almost-nonexistent vaccine 'for the public's health and safety'.  Someone comes at me with a needle or one of those nasal swabs and they are going to see how it fits rectally.

I guess what I'm trying to say in a very roundabout way is something I've said before.  Human behavior cannot be regulated and, in any case, government regulation should not be the fall back if you don't like someone else's behavior.  This creeping issue is caused by the fact that many folks can't pull up their big boy or big girl underpants and actually SAY something to someone.  They'd rather abrograte the responsibility to a third party so that they don't have to stand up for themselves.


Brigid said...

Cigarette smoke gives me a horrendous headache. So for that reason I avoid places where it's ongoing inside. That's my choice. Their smoking is their choice. Keep the government out of it.

Midwest Chick said...

I prefer not to smell like smoke (and I rarely smoked in my car or house when I did smoke) but as you say, it's a personal choice to go someplace smokey or not. This type of thing is how they gained the foothold to put more and more regulations into place. First smoking, then trans-fats, then sugar, then, then, then.....