Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exhibit A for the prosecution..... MSNBC reporter can't tell the difference between Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

I was laughing so hard I almost cried when I saw this video (via B, on Insty). I have long contended that the talking (air)heads that they put on to read the news actually have no insight, no acumen, and no knowledge or thought of the words that are pouring out of their mouths like some never-ending fountain. They are not reporters, they are readers. That video is my proof.

She had no idea that it was Jesse Jackson and NOT Al Sharpton on the screen in front of her until he corrected her. He tried to give her time to recover and correct her introduction and she never caught the clue. He looked like how the South Park folks would have drawn him. Mouth open with shock and disbelief--I'll bet it's been decades since someone mistook him for anyone else. Her poor synapses probably went into overload trying to figure out what went wrong and WHY Al Sharpton was not answering her insight-laden question (that was written by someone else).

I find it to be particularly interesting that it was MSNBC, that bastion of all liberal-leaning news reporting and their news readers can't even recognize one of the leading liberal players (it's not like he's not on the news at least once a week protesting something or trying to get the city of Chicago to pay out-of-work parents to walk their own children to school).


MeatAxe said...

So MSNBC? What is this supposed to mean? All black people look alike to your meatpuppet anchorchicks?

Midwest Chick said...

I swear you can almost see that thought go through her head (and I do mean through--nothin to stop it but air). It could have been Nelson Mandela and I'll bet she still wouldn't have had a clue. Just some dark-skinned old guy....