Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A does not necessarily equal B: the Flu

Again on NPR (see reasons for listening to it below) there are reports that reports of flu are up considerably at colleges and universities. The tone of this message is that we are on the burning edge of a pandemic since so many college students are reporting that they have the flu: something like 200 to 2 between September 2009 and September 2008.

The reporters at NPR couldn't figure out (or report) that probably the reason for an increased reporting of flu cases is because students are REQUIRED this year to report when they have flu systems. So instead of just sucking it up, taking some Nyquil and going to bed, they are going to their Health Services and are being tested to see if the strain they have is the dreaded H1N1. It's not as scary to say that because all students HAVE to report flu symptoms, we're seeing an increase in reported flu symptoms.

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