Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A does not necessarily equal B: Arizona Sheriff

I was listening to NPR this morning (like the guys at Men Are Not Potatoes, I do this just to get my blood pressure up--better than a cup of coffee). I heard a few things that I was just pounding the steering wheel about and shouting 'Duh'... And so I shall share now that I've calmed down somewhat. This is going to be a LOOOONG post but maybe I'll break it into three or four.

In Arizona, the Feds are trying to tell the Maricopa County Sheriff that he can no longer do sweeps and pick up illegals for delivery to the Feds for deportation. Part of the reason given is that, in most places, the sheriffs are apparently slackers and only deliver illegals who have been caught in the process of committing some other crime.

So since he goes that extra step and tries to catch the illegals (who are already committing a crime by being here illegally ) BEFORE they commit further crimes on US soil, they want to shut him down. And, as part of that, the bureaucrats at the 'Justice' Department are pursuing charges that he does racial profiling since most of his sweeps are in *gasp* Hispanic neighborhoods. So riddle me this Batman.... if most of the illegals are of Hispanic persuasion and look ethnically Hispanic and tend to reside with relatives, either illegal or not, who are also Hispanic, would Hispanic neighborhoods not be the place to look?? Here's the thing... if most of your illegals are say, Irish, would you not check the Irish neighborhoods for them. If most of your illegals are Eastern European, you would tend to look in those neighborhoods. It's common sense, which apparently has left the hallowed halls of the Justice Department.

In a somewhat related note, I heard that our immigration and Homeland Security forces are going to be trying to come up with a classification system for illegals so that they can house the 'not dangerous' ones in hotels and such rather than incarcerating them and using up valuable prison space. TO me, this seems to be a backdoor way of beginning to legalize those folks--very tricky on the part of Napolitano.

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B said...

The interesting thing is that in most states, ESPECIALLY IN THE WESTERN STATES, the County Sheriff is the supreme lawdog....His authority is above the state police, and even the feds IN HIS COUNTY.

Should be interesting to see how this finally turns out.
Were I the Sheriff, I might just tell the feds to go piss up a rope and see what they do.