Monday, October 26, 2009


Had a great time at the Indy blogmeet yesterday. It was very nice for folks to hang around since they knew that B and I would be late since we were working at the Indy 1500 gun show.

I'm proud of myself in that I managed not to go all geeky fangirl on some folks that I read daily, namely Brigid, Tam, and Roberta X (I'd met Roberta X before and did see her, Tam, and Shootin' Buddy at the show the day before). I was able to do the whole Strike Hold demonstration for them, which I really enjoyed. Seeing their eyes light up as I screwed in the light bulb under water and ran the drill was a lot fun.

I was happy to meet Og, whose blog I've read but am now adding to the blogroll along with Jay, who used a chinese banknote as a notepad to give me his blog addy (wicked cool), which was totally fitting considering our conversation about Chinese cuisine and spices as well as the infamous omakase at sushi bars. Very much enjoyed chatting with Owen, who understands my pain in dealing with overinflated egos. It was also great to see Old Grouch again and listen to the discussion about the psychological implications of pumpkin carving.

Fantastic end to a great weekend!


Tam said...

Argh! And we didn't even get to reminisce about K-town!

FWIW, your show at the 1500 was so cool that I spent almost as much time telling people about it at the range as I did shooting. I wished I'd grabbed extra bidness cards to pass out.

Midwest Chick said...

Next blogmeet, we'll make sure to talk about K-ville! No worries.

It was such fun for me to have a good audience for the demo--I get totally jazzed when peoples' eyes light up!

At least you've got the website addy for 3 Part Supply, but I can get extra business cards to you if you want, just email me.

Home on the Range said...

It was cool to get to talk to you and B., and I have the business cards. Awesome.

Midwest Chick said...

Enjoyed muchly Brigid! Can't wait for the next time--just remember that if I ever just post 'Wow' as a comment on one of your postings, it means "Anything I have to add would sound inane and would add nothing to the profundity of your words'.

Anonymous said...

I propose beginning the next blogmeet with a demo by Mr B and Midwest Chick.


B said...

Might could make things more fun. Water and slippery stuff.....And wimmin.

Add in electricity and things get interestin'.

Midwest Chick said...

Roberta, Tam, and Shootin' Buddy saw me screw in the light bulb under the water and run the drill at the 1500.

The bemused look on Roberta's face was great, especially when I hit the trigger on the drill!

Get us near an outlet and get us some water and you've got yourself a demo! Hopefully the next blogmeet will fall on a weekend we can be there--our gun show schedule is wicked full.