Friday, October 2, 2009

And the word is out... and so is Chicago...

Not only did Chicago NOT get the Olympic Games, they were out in the first round despite the fact that the Obamas and Oprah made an appearance. Via Gateway Pundit, they are blaming Bush for making the world hate the United States SOOOO much that they couldn't possibly give us the Olympics (you would think that that particular meme has run its course after almost a year). It couldn't be that Chicago and the State of Illinois are still in the news as the Poster Children for graft, corruption, and, especially with Chicago, crime.

What I found/find ironic about the whole enchilada is that, even after Obama has been falling all over himself apologizing to the world for the existence of the United States (something he is trying to extinguish), his speech said how proud he was of Chicago and the United States. Maybe he had a Michelle-like conversion experience and could now be proud of the US now that he could actually go hat-in-hand to the rest of the world and beg for something. Being humbled made him proud. I actually think though, that maybe the rest of the world is not as dumb as the Obamas think it is and they saw through the disingenousness of both his and Michelle's speeches.

eta: It's nice to know that someone agrees with me (at least regarding the attitudes of the Obamas). Check out Victor Hanson at Pajamas Media.

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