Monday, September 14, 2009

Your dismissive attitude will get you nowhere, Mr. Axelrod

Had a busy weekend at the gun show and so had to wait to read the blogs and watch the news about the Tea Party Protest on Sunday afternoon. But I almost fell off the couch when David Axelrod and Mr. Obama both dismissed the million plus (I guess if you add enough tens of thousands reported by the MSM then you'll get there eventually) as 'strident', 'shrill', and 'wrong'.

This attitude is completely indicitive of the smarmy big-government-know-alls that are leading our country down the path to ruin. To be so completely arrogant and condenscending towards ANY of the citizens of this country, I really have no words to describe my ire. It is the 'let them eat cake' attitude of Marie Antoinette (yes I know she didn't really say it) but it's that attitude that got her and the French aristocracy the guillotine.

As they said in Young Frankenstein, 'a riot is an ugly thing but it's time we had one.' If a peaceable march won't get the attention of those that think that they rule rather than serve, it might be time to bring them to their knees and show them that those they dismiss are actually those they should be listening to.

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