Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warning: Soapbox Issue: our Educational System

Via Insty: Jay Matthews of the Washington Post writes about a high school teacher who was going to lose his teaching certification because he hadn't taken enough education school courses. This guy has National Board Certification and practical, real-world experience out the yin-yang. But he was going to lose his certification and his job because he didn't take enough classes to teach him how to teach.

I have real-world experience working in a College of Education and I'm here to tell you that they should be abolished. You want our students to compete on internationally?? Have teachers who have actually majored in the subjects that they are teaching rather than majoring in teaching and taking three or four classes and passing a test on the subject(s) that they are supposed to be teaching.

The educational system and the NEA are causative factors in bringing this country to where we are today. In a world where every student is a special snowflake, where self-esteem is more highly regarded than knowledge, where red pens are disallowed because the color on papers is 'scary', where a well-written haiku is accepted as being the same as a five-page research paper, then what the HELL are our children learning?? (BTW, this how our future teachers are treated, can you imagine the trickle down effect??)

I blame Colleges of 'Education' (assimilation) and the NEA for causing fear and discrimination against our male population, for the lowering of expectations to the point where many of our students are functionally illiterate as well as just plain selfish little bastards, and for imbuing our children with socialist ideas as well as the lack of ambition that goes with those ideas. They have caused many of our young males to be drugged into complacency for acting like... kids.

Everyone talks about throwing more and more money at Education. What they need to do is stop throwing money at it, remove the colleges of assimilation and have people with the knowledge of subjects teach those subjects without all of the other 'requirements' that have a stranglehold on our educational system.

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