Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank you Dr. Helen

Via Insty: Dr. Helen relates her experience at the local Earth Fare (an organic-type grocery store) where the checker and bagger both go off on a "All Men are Pigs" rant. What is most interesting about this is that they are just repeating something, as if by rote. When challenged by Dr. Helen, they backtrack and have no specifics to back up their statements.

I have said it before that this type of attitude is being fostered by the educational system in the United States. A pathetic example on the higher ed. side of life is Duke University (check out Durham-in-Wonderland).

I had an interesting chat with a retired Chicago police officer at the gun show this last weekend. We were discussing women and men and their roles. Not surprisingly (or maybe surprisingly), we came to an accord. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and my partner, B, has taken great pains to insure that I can take care of myself through training, both physical and mental, if I am alone or with folks who have not had such training (in other words, I would not defer leadership to someone because he's male, he also has to be more competent than I am in a particular situation). HOWEVER, if B IS there, HE is the leader. I'm to watch his back and make sure that no one dog piles on him from behind. That way he is free to deal with whatever the threat is without having to watch 360 degrees around as well. And I'm good with that.

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