Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roland Burris--Cog in the Machine or just a Tool?

Listened to Don Wade and Roma on WLS this morning. I have to admit they usually drive me nuts but this morning they had Senator Roland Burris on so I thought I'd give a listen. He said that he is absolutely not running for the Senate again (citing no time for fundraising because he's so busy) which was interesting and he wouldn't say who he's going to endorse for the position.

BUT the big news was when they asked him WHY he was one of SEVEN senators who did not vote to defund ACORN. He said it's because ACORN had done a lot for the state of Illinois (my brain interpreted THAT as 'for Roland Burris and the Democratic Party in Illinois') and that it was a Fox News plot to set them up and a few bad apples didn't negate the 'good' they'd done.

I guess what struck me is the complete lack of a reality check for this man. He didn't watch the interview with the head of ACORN on Fox on Sunday and he wasn't aware that there were other issues, such as embezzlement, voter fraud, etc. nor was he aware that the IRS has cut ACORN loose since they were one of the volunteer organizations helping poor families (defined as adjusted gross income of less than $43000/year) get free tax advice. Facts were irrelevant.

Jumping to the 'poor' family issue for a second... As I've discussed below, with cap and trade and health care reform, most families would fall into the 'poor family' category as defined by the IRS as qualifying for free tax advice. I just thought that it was interesting--looking at the destruction of a large portion of the middle class in two fell swoops.

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