Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recoil therapy... a very nice weekend..

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. It was nice--beautiful and unique gifts from my partner that showed that he really put a lot of time and thought into them, dinners with my partner's folks, getting stuff done around the house, and recoil therapy. Went to the shooting range so that my best friend from college's son could learn how to shoot rifles from my partner and another friend. While her son got an infusion of testosterone, she and I took a trip into the woods and had a most excellent adventure. Following the sound of the shots from the range, we set off cross country and came out muddy, wet, one sock on opposite feet for each of us, carrying feathers and a nice twig she used for sweeping away cobwebs. It was a blast!

Then she settled in with her knitting (she's a fantastic knitter but she did try her hand shooting a bit too) and I hit the range. Not too bad, two inch groups at 100 yards but I have to say I prefer handguns. I want to be adequate at all forms of shooting though--it's important. The range we went to also has an archery range so I'll take my lever-action bow out there next time as well. After we got done, we ate the fantastic picnic foods my friend brought and had another birthday lunch. Below is me, grouping them to the best of my ability.... Please to note the girly ribbons on my ears to differentiate them from my partner's. I KNOW he's not going to pick mine up by accident.....

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MeatAxe said...

2-inch groups at 100 yards? Wow! With the rifle in the picture? Is that a Saiga? An AK? Did you shoot off hand or supported? What rifle? Scoped?