Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Moral Compass

I kind of hate using the word 'moral' because everyone has their own line where they would say that something is either moral or immoral. But something that's been percolating since the blogmeet is the difference in moral compass between those who would consider themselves to be either conservative or liberal.

For example, conservatives generally don't throw pies, paper, shoes, or themselves at those who have differing viewpoints (I'm thinking of incidents that happened at our college campuses where the liberal students and professors took physical action towards conservative speakers as well as the SEIU thugs beating up the (black) guy in the wheelchair in St. Louis). Conservatives believe in free speech and (again generally) will try to allow everyone to say their piece (and then dismantle rhetoric with hard facts). Conservatives left the National Mall pretty darn clean whereas the Democrats pretty much trashed the place during the inauguration.

And as much as many conservatives would do a happy dance should an ACCIDENT (like a truly out-of-control truck or something) befall our liberal opponents, there are very few who, even possessing the skills to cause a non-accident, would take that type of action whereas the folks on the liberal side don't have that type of restraint, self-control, or moral north-star.

It takes a lot to rouse a conservative to ire where, in the same time period, a liberal looks like someone from the movie 'Scanners' just before a head explodes. There was a good article on American Thinker that likens middle America to the Ents going to war. Just as B points out that the Dragon has awakened. I'm just glad my side has a moral compass.

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