Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh HELL no!

Via Drudge, Weekly World Daily has a chilling article regarding some new regarding legislation in Massachussetts that's been passed by their Senate and is now making its way through the House (and this makes me wicked glad that I don't live there anymore).... The way I'm reading this piece of fear-laden crap is that 'authorities' would be given the power to enter personal dwellings, destroy personal property, and assault a person by forcibly vaccinating them or at the least throwing them in a concentration camp if they refuse to be vaccinated. And all of this without knowing for sure that they have a communicable disease. The MA bill is also very general in that it can be applied to anything that is thought to be a public health problem.

I talked to my partner about this bill this morning. If the 'authorities' think that we have swine flu and want us to stay home, we can deal with that (to a point--and they'd have to prove we had it). Anyone comes into our house to try to remove our property or to try to remove either of us from our property, not so much.

The article goes on to list legal actions taken in other states, including Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, and Washington. At the risk of sounding like one of the Black Helicopter folks, if I was wanting to consolidate power in a country, the best way to start would be to keep people isolated in their houses or in 'quarentine camps'.

Read the whole article--it'll chill your blood.

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