Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I didn't want to go there, but.....

With so many things happening in the world--socialism failing miserably in Europe (good thing); Obama punting on Afghanistan (bad); health care bill hopefully dying (good); I hate to write about Roman Polanski, but kind of feel the need to put something out there. The guy is an admitted pedophile--he admitted to and was convicted of drugging and having sex with a 13 year child. But he's not really the main point of what I want to write about.

The thing I'd like to see is a boycott of all films by the Hollywood elite who have come out and supported the fact that this man should not be arrested for his crime (and then leaving the country to avoid his sentence--as I recall, that's called fugitive from justice). I find two things most interesting in this article.

Firstly Whoopi Goldberg is leading the charge in leaving Polanski alone. She's using the 'Clinton Maneuver': "It wasn't rape-rape", kinda like what the definition of is, is.

Secondly Luc Besson, the director of one of my favorite movies, The Fifth Element, says "I have a lot of affection for him, he is a man that I like very much but nobody should be above the law. I don't know the details of this case, but I think that when you don't show up for trial, you are taking a risk." And Besson is French (and a director) so he's bucking both his government and his contemporaries with such a statement.

I think that this issue might be the one that breaks the public's ties with Hollywood and the media. Even at the Huffington Post, people are PISSED that the media is taking the side of an admitted child rapist. I'm going to be checking out the Hollywood petition and will be looking at my favorite shows and movies to see which ones are going to be dropped from my schedule. In the meantime, I'll be watching The Fifth Element again......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From an unexpected source--something that makes sense

Via The Chronicle of Higher Education comes E.D. Hirsch Jr.'s article entitled "How Schools Fail Democracy". He states in part...
More than 40 years ago, the historian Richard Hofstadter observed that it was unsound to assume that the individual development of every child must coincide, through a kind of established harmony, with the development of a good society. The anti-set-curriculum idea and the equally unsound how-to conception of learning are two of the guiding ideas in American colleges and schools of education. Together they form an ideological double whammy against a coherent, knowledge-based curriculum in elementary schools—against, that is, the thing most needed to enhance language ability and overcome the language-comprehension gap.

Please read the whole thing!

Try it and lose it at the elbow....

Not what you're thinking, but in NY, health care workers have been mandated by law to get the H1N1 vaccine shot. Now that it's available and they are having to get them, some of the workers are.... peeved. And I don't blame them a bit. Mandated shots and then what's next?? You can bet that the state of NY is going to be hemorrhaging health care workers to other states.

One interesting point in the article linked above is that one of the health care workers thought she's like to see a lot of OTHER people get it before she would think about it. This struck me as kind of funny (not ha-ha) that a nurse in a neonatal unit really doesn't mind other folks being used a guinea pigs as long as she's not one.

Thank you Dr. Helen

Via Insty: Dr. Helen relates her experience at the local Earth Fare (an organic-type grocery store) where the checker and bagger both go off on a "All Men are Pigs" rant. What is most interesting about this is that they are just repeating something, as if by rote. When challenged by Dr. Helen, they backtrack and have no specifics to back up their statements.

I have said it before that this type of attitude is being fostered by the educational system in the United States. A pathetic example on the higher ed. side of life is Duke University (check out Durham-in-Wonderland).

I had an interesting chat with a retired Chicago police officer at the gun show this last weekend. We were discussing women and men and their roles. Not surprisingly (or maybe surprisingly), we came to an accord. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and my partner, B, has taken great pains to insure that I can take care of myself through training, both physical and mental, if I am alone or with folks who have not had such training (in other words, I would not defer leadership to someone because he's male, he also has to be more competent than I am in a particular situation). HOWEVER, if B IS there, HE is the leader. I'm to watch his back and make sure that no one dog piles on him from behind. That way he is free to deal with whatever the threat is without having to watch 360 degrees around as well. And I'm good with that.

Monday, September 28, 2009

FINALLY! Someone taking some responsibility for their actions!!

I saw this via Gateway Pundit.... A drunk guy was turned away from a Veterans of Foreign Wars post and, being a pissed-off drunk guy, he decided to burn the flag outside the post. So the guys inside, taking umbrage at this act, decided that he had three choices: he could be turned over to the police for destruction of property, he could go one-on-one with a seasoned (pissed off) veteran, or he could be duct-taped to the flag pole for six hours with a sign stating his crime.

The guy in question chose the prize behind door number 3 and was duct-taped to the flag pole for the requisite period of time.

What many of the stories I've read about this incident seem to miss is that he actually manned-up and took his lumps for being a jackass. He actually took responsibility for his actions!! Simply frickin' amazing in this day and time--you would normally expect whining and lawsuits. But it seems that no one is talking to the outside press nor is there any indication of lawsuits, and the local community is minding their own business and is basically telling the outside world to mind theirs.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jefferson Airplane Meets Star Trek

For your evening's psychedelia.... via Chas Clifton at Hardscrabble Creek.

Indoctrination in our Schools

Via Bookworm Room and The Breda Fallacy, respectively. I have to admit that until last year, the thought of having kids was furthest from my mind. I've changed on that, but if do have them, incidents like this will definitely have me home schooling.

Bookworm Room links:

Via Michelle Malkin
Another (this one floored me!)

Breda Fallacy:

Willoughby Middle School

Roland Burris--Cog in the Machine or just a Tool?

Listened to Don Wade and Roma on WLS this morning. I have to admit they usually drive me nuts but this morning they had Senator Roland Burris on so I thought I'd give a listen. He said that he is absolutely not running for the Senate again (citing no time for fundraising because he's so busy) which was interesting and he wouldn't say who he's going to endorse for the position.

BUT the big news was when they asked him WHY he was one of SEVEN senators who did not vote to defund ACORN. He said it's because ACORN had done a lot for the state of Illinois (my brain interpreted THAT as 'for Roland Burris and the Democratic Party in Illinois') and that it was a Fox News plot to set them up and a few bad apples didn't negate the 'good' they'd done.

I guess what struck me is the complete lack of a reality check for this man. He didn't watch the interview with the head of ACORN on Fox on Sunday and he wasn't aware that there were other issues, such as embezzlement, voter fraud, etc. nor was he aware that the IRS has cut ACORN loose since they were one of the volunteer organizations helping poor families (defined as adjusted gross income of less than $43000/year) get free tax advice. Facts were irrelevant.

Jumping to the 'poor' family issue for a second... As I've discussed below, with cap and trade and health care reform, most families would fall into the 'poor family' category as defined by the IRS as qualifying for free tax advice. I just thought that it was interesting--looking at the destruction of a large portion of the middle class in two fell swoops.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The gifts that keep on giving...

Brigid over at Home on the Range has some early Christmas present ideas for the guys out there. She shows quite a bit of insight as to what would fly (or not) in our household and the picture with the ammo in a heart made me feel all warm inside.

I was reminded of a video I was sent last year (it was for jewelry, which would work also--gold, silver, brass, and lead are all precious metals after all). Although it did have some stereotypes, it did make me laugh.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It was a time when men were men; sheep were nervous... okay, the men were bored...

Got this from my college roommate. I thought it was wicked funny.

Yeah, what they said....

Hamilton, Madison, and Jay have a new posting up today that juxtaposes nicely with my thoughts about the attitude of the administration towards us poor, non-Harvard-educated, unwashed masses. They note that the government is now going on tour to indoctrinate our children into drinking the climate-change Kool-Aid. If part of their road-show includes the "I Pledge" video, my moral compass might start pointing a different direction.

HMJ further note, via an Inspector General report on the DOE, the utter hypocrisy in what's being said by those officials as well as the DOE's continued idiocy regarding climate change (I'm guessing that the Energy department folks haven't read the most up-to-date articles saying that global warming is a myth--for goodness' sake, even Gore has abandoned that particular bandwagon).

Take a look--problem being that my blood boiling may well cause global warming on its own.

Our Moral Compass

I kind of hate using the word 'moral' because everyone has their own line where they would say that something is either moral or immoral. But something that's been percolating since the blogmeet is the difference in moral compass between those who would consider themselves to be either conservative or liberal.

For example, conservatives generally don't throw pies, paper, shoes, or themselves at those who have differing viewpoints (I'm thinking of incidents that happened at our college campuses where the liberal students and professors took physical action towards conservative speakers as well as the SEIU thugs beating up the (black) guy in the wheelchair in St. Louis). Conservatives believe in free speech and (again generally) will try to allow everyone to say their piece (and then dismantle rhetoric with hard facts). Conservatives left the National Mall pretty darn clean whereas the Democrats pretty much trashed the place during the inauguration.

And as much as many conservatives would do a happy dance should an ACCIDENT (like a truly out-of-control truck or something) befall our liberal opponents, there are very few who, even possessing the skills to cause a non-accident, would take that type of action whereas the folks on the liberal side don't have that type of restraint, self-control, or moral north-star.

It takes a lot to rouse a conservative to ire where, in the same time period, a liberal looks like someone from the movie 'Scanners' just before a head explodes. There was a good article on American Thinker that likens middle America to the Ents going to war. Just as B points out that the Dragon has awakened. I'm just glad my side has a moral compass.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things I Learned at the Blogmeet

Attended my first blogmeet today and met several folks whose words I've read avidly. Some things I learned: I REALLY need a Leatherman Wave; RobertaX has the best miniature mobile toolkit I've seen; Old Grouch has great taste in food; I'm glad that

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lest we forget....

Today is the 222th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States. We need to remember this document and remember the men who took action to see it put into place as the Rule of Law of our Republic. Remember our Freedoms, as put into place by this document. I think that our country is at a place where those freedoms have been eroded and are being trampled upon by those who, to paraphrase Franklin, have given up liberty for safety. Read the document and remember what it is like to stand proud!

"The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise." --Jim Larkin

How many CAN Obama screw in one day?

Firstly, and not surprisingly, the Obama administration has decided to completely screw the Czechs and the Poles by ditching plans for the missile defense system. Guess he's trying to replace the non-functioning and mis-translated 'Reset' button, with the Nuclear Button in the hands of the Russians. Nice timing on that too, BTW--the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland.

I also read where cap and trade would cost middle-class families approximately an additional $1,700/year. Add that to the costs below and in two fell swoops you've cut a family's disposable income by almost a quarter. How's that going to work for stimulating the economy if people don't have any money to spend??

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Screwing the middle class

I was listening to NPR this morning (during commercials it was Don Wade and Roma on WLS radio with snippets of Bob and Tom) but during their discussion of the health care bill (@ 3:27), I heard that the insurance requirement was going to cost a middle class family, which was defined as a family of three earning at least $50,000/year) about 13% of their income. 13% of $50,000 is $6500/year. How can ANY family afford to have that much removed from their income??? We'll talk about the Constitutional issues of REQUIRING health INSURANCE in a later post.

Warning: Soapbox Issue: our Educational System

Via Insty: Jay Matthews of the Washington Post writes about a high school teacher who was going to lose his teaching certification because he hadn't taken enough education school courses. This guy has National Board Certification and practical, real-world experience out the yin-yang. But he was going to lose his certification and his job because he didn't take enough classes to teach him how to teach.

I have real-world experience working in a College of Education and I'm here to tell you that they should be abolished. You want our students to compete on internationally?? Have teachers who have actually majored in the subjects that they are teaching rather than majoring in teaching and taking three or four classes and passing a test on the subject(s) that they are supposed to be teaching.

The educational system and the NEA are causative factors in bringing this country to where we are today. In a world where every student is a special snowflake, where self-esteem is more highly regarded than knowledge, where red pens are disallowed because the color on papers is 'scary', where a well-written haiku is accepted as being the same as a five-page research paper, then what the HELL are our children learning?? (BTW, this how our future teachers are treated, can you imagine the trickle down effect??)

I blame Colleges of 'Education' (assimilation) and the NEA for causing fear and discrimination against our male population, for the lowering of expectations to the point where many of our students are functionally illiterate as well as just plain selfish little bastards, and for imbuing our children with socialist ideas as well as the lack of ambition that goes with those ideas. They have caused many of our young males to be drugged into complacency for acting like... kids.

Everyone talks about throwing more and more money at Education. What they need to do is stop throwing money at it, remove the colleges of assimilation and have people with the knowledge of subjects teach those subjects without all of the other 'requirements' that have a stranglehold on our educational system.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Healthcare Shell Game??

It's interesting that the MSM is concentrating on Mr. Obama's US tour stumping for his healthcare bill (which I very much doubt he knows anything about judging from his previous remarks about it) while the Congress is working on very bills in committee. Is it meant to be a distraction from the work going on in Congresss--"look here at my left hand" while the right hand is up the skirt and in the pocketbooks of the American people?

In a strange way it reminds me of the way that Chinese emperors worked--they were so surrounded by bureaucrats and toadies that they were completely divorced from the people and heard things filtered through those lenses.

It is frightening that his policies towards Israel and Iran may well precipitate a war since he's clearly backing Iran for some unknown liberal/socialist reason. It is frightening that he has abdicated the responsibility of the office in favor of jetting around the country (at taxpayer's expense naturally) trying to shove his agenda down the throats of the American public. It is frightening that our elected officials have forgotten and denigrate the people that they are supposed to serve and have placed themselves instead as rulers.

We are getting closer to a time where the American people are going to have to stand up.

"The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise." --Jim Larkin

Monday, September 14, 2009

Your dismissive attitude will get you nowhere, Mr. Axelrod

Had a busy weekend at the gun show and so had to wait to read the blogs and watch the news about the Tea Party Protest on Sunday afternoon. But I almost fell off the couch when David Axelrod and Mr. Obama both dismissed the million plus (I guess if you add enough tens of thousands reported by the MSM then you'll get there eventually) as 'strident', 'shrill', and 'wrong'.

This attitude is completely indicitive of the smarmy big-government-know-alls that are leading our country down the path to ruin. To be so completely arrogant and condenscending towards ANY of the citizens of this country, I really have no words to describe my ire. It is the 'let them eat cake' attitude of Marie Antoinette (yes I know she didn't really say it) but it's that attitude that got her and the French aristocracy the guillotine.

As they said in Young Frankenstein, 'a riot is an ugly thing but it's time we had one.' If a peaceable march won't get the attention of those that think that they rule rather than serve, it might be time to bring them to their knees and show them that those they dismiss are actually those they should be listening to.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So... healthcare reform...

Saw the President. This is what I got. Healthcare reform won't cost anything except for $900 billion that they will extort from the insurance companies and from those 'irresponsible' fools who choose not to get health insurance or those companies who don't offer health insurance. His door is open to anyone, except for those who oppose health care reform. He will hunt down anyone who tells the truth (, anyone??), which he calls misinformation, about reform.

And all of this is okay because the Congress knows better than those common schmucks in flyover country about what they need and that big government's wise and even hand is the only way to maintain freedoms while that wise and even hand squeezes small business and the rest of the middle class out of existence.

Recoil therapy... a very nice weekend..

Last weekend was my birthday weekend. It was nice--beautiful and unique gifts from my partner that showed that he really put a lot of time and thought into them, dinners with my partner's folks, getting stuff done around the house, and recoil therapy. Went to the shooting range so that my best friend from college's son could learn how to shoot rifles from my partner and another friend. While her son got an infusion of testosterone, she and I took a trip into the woods and had a most excellent adventure. Following the sound of the shots from the range, we set off cross country and came out muddy, wet, one sock on opposite feet for each of us, carrying feathers and a nice twig she used for sweeping away cobwebs. It was a blast!

Then she settled in with her knitting (she's a fantastic knitter but she did try her hand shooting a bit too) and I hit the range. Not too bad, two inch groups at 100 yards but I have to say I prefer handguns. I want to be adequate at all forms of shooting though--it's important. The range we went to also has an archery range so I'll take my lever-action bow out there next time as well. After we got done, we ate the fantastic picnic foods my friend brought and had another birthday lunch. Below is me, grouping them to the best of my ability.... Please to note the girly ribbons on my ears to differentiate them from my partner's. I KNOW he's not going to pick mine up by accident.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Personal responsibility issues...

Via Amy Alkon... Five people in Gold Canyon in California refused to evacuate when told that the fires were coming their way but now that they are in danger, they want to be bailed out. Problem being is that there is no safe way to get to these morons. If they try, there is going to be more loss of life (most likely that of the firefighters).

I'm not for people dying, but c'mon, it's not like they didn't have any warning and they chose to stay in harm's way. This entitlement/lack of personal responsibility has permeated American society to the detriment of the whole.

As one of Amy's commentors pointed out, there was none of 'bail me out' when the Midwest Ice storms hit and there was more damage done there over a wider area than Katrina.

I'm sorry that Los Angeles looks like Mordor but that's what you get when you reclaim desert and then don't let nature work as it is supposed to. If you are dumb enough to build in a wildfire area, be ready to run when they start, if you are dumb enough to build in a floodplain, ditto that. But don't complain and ask to be saved from your own stupidity. IF you don't care about your property and family (how can you TRULY care if you build in such places and are obtuse enough to ignore warnings to get out?) then why should I?

Oh HELL no!

Via Drudge, Weekly World Daily has a chilling article regarding some new regarding legislation in Massachussetts that's been passed by their Senate and is now making its way through the House (and this makes me wicked glad that I don't live there anymore).... The way I'm reading this piece of fear-laden crap is that 'authorities' would be given the power to enter personal dwellings, destroy personal property, and assault a person by forcibly vaccinating them or at the least throwing them in a concentration camp if they refuse to be vaccinated. And all of this without knowing for sure that they have a communicable disease. The MA bill is also very general in that it can be applied to anything that is thought to be a public health problem.

I talked to my partner about this bill this morning. If the 'authorities' think that we have swine flu and want us to stay home, we can deal with that (to a point--and they'd have to prove we had it). Anyone comes into our house to try to remove our property or to try to remove either of us from our property, not so much.

The article goes on to list legal actions taken in other states, including Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, and Washington. At the risk of sounding like one of the Black Helicopter folks, if I was wanting to consolidate power in a country, the best way to start would be to keep people isolated in their houses or in 'quarentine camps'.

Read the whole article--it'll chill your blood.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The next time someone mentions astroturf....

... take a look at this video from Gateway Pundit (h.t. Instapundit) who taped a little training session before a Town Hall meeting. Guess which side of the health care debate they are on??