Monday, August 31, 2009

So if Al Gore says it, it must be true---NOT!

Via Drudge, here's a report detailing the speeches that Algore and Clinton (Bill, not the Secretary of State) gave to a bunch of Tennessee democrats.

Algore states that “anything complicated can be misrepresented. Number two, it’s personal. It’s personal to all of us. Anything personal can be used to inspire fear.”

Well, he's made a second career out of fear-mongering AND got a frickin' Nobel prize for it. How's that global warming thing working out for you AL (as I'm sitting in a fleece jacket in AUGUST)? Let's see.... anything complicated can be misrepresented..... Sure, and when someone takes a close look at something complicated, like HR3200, and actually makes some sense of it, then the Man Behind the Curtain is revealed. He's trying to continue the meme that facts are actually misrepresentations. Too late though, the word is getiting out there.

Clinton states.... “We need to pass a bill this year. Doing nothing is not only the worst thing we can do for the economy, it’s the worst thing we can do for the country. It’s also the worst thing we can do for the Democrats,”.

I'm wondering if he didn't get his priorities out of order. I'm sure that the most important thing to his mind is that not passing the health care bill would be the worst thing for Democrats. I can't figure out why he thinks that putting the country more in debt (especially when socialized medicine is going crash/boom in both England and Canada) is good for the country.

Maybe Algore has seen his green bubble burst under the weight of real hard science and so he's hitched his wagon to the cause of socialized health care in hopes of making some more bucks fear-mongering on a different issue. I'm hoping that they'll just keep Clinton jetting around the world, rescuing idiot journalists and that he'll bow out of this fight (but unfortunately it's one he started).
As a side note, I find it interesting (not surprising) that they are using Ted Kennedy's death to further the cause of the health care bill when, under the bill as it's proposed, he most likely wouldn't have been able to receive the care for his brain cancer that he did. Except for the Congress exempted themselves from having to participate..... Irony to the nth degree.

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