Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jesse Walker makes some good points

In this article Jesse Walker makes some very good points and also underlines the fact that our Nanny state government entities (my wording, not his) tend to hold information close to the chest in order to prevent 'panic'. When the H1N1 brouhaha was starting, the state of Indiana's Public Health department released a news tidbit that said that there was one verified case in northwest Indiana.

I called the state of Indiana Public Health department and suggested that perhaps a bit more information might be useful to help PREVENT panic since I saw the people around me starting to freak out a little bit since northwest Indiana is a fairly large chunk of real estate; and, working at an institution of higher learning means that we're exposed to quite a few germs and viruses. I don't know if it was my call or maybe just common sense kicking in (HAH!) but about a half-hour later they released more information pinpointing the case in South Bend at Notre Dame.

I guess the point is that the government uses the 'doesn't want to cause panic' meme in order to establish control over the flow of information and thus the public itself. If this sounds like tinfoil hat/black helicopter talk, just look at how the MSM has been skewing the news in order to sway public opinion. When the New York Times devotes a full-page article to the glories of Marxism, then you know that there's a BIG problem. Edited to add: Please see THIS over at Power Line--the beginning rumblings of a possible scandal that says that the New York Times killed a story that directly linked the Obama campaign and ACORN because it would have been a "game changer".

Over at American Thinker, Jim Ainsworth has this fantastic piece about the mainstream media and their attempts to denigrate those who call themselves conservatives by calling us lemmings. Hello, pot, meet kettle. There's no groupthink in conservative circles. Read the whole thing, as Glen Reynolds would say.

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