Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bite me, gun control proponents...

I work at a public university. In the last two weeks, there has been much brouhaha on email that started with a report of two students being beaten up by a group of black kids and devolved, thanks to a particular Marxist theory sociology professor to a discussion of gun control. Guess which way the conversation went?

Woven into this tapestry of utter cluelessness and stupidity were charges of racism (how CAN you tell that people wearing ski masks are black, they might have been Irish). My answer to that is, well, they have hands and eyes, and voices and if you're the least bit observant, you can probably figure it out.

Exacerbating the discussion was a fearful professor who was worried that if he gives a student a bad grade, that student is going to apply for a concealed carry permit and will come to campus and shoot him. So, a student is going to wait for six to eight weeks so they can legally carry and will then come to commit mayhem upon our campus?? I'm thinking not-so-much. Besides, if you are that fearful, shouldn't you also fear baseball bats, ballpoint pens, knives, and plastic sporks--all of which can be used to wreak havoc upon a person??

Unfortunately, since public universities are hardly the bastion of discourse and are instead strongholds of leftist-groupthink, I couldn't answer these morons back (besides the fact that they were using a list to email the ENTIRE university with their diatribes and I didn't feel the need to force MY opinion on everyone). So I blog and present to those who might stumble across this missive, this story which is as much of an answer as I can give. Hat tips to Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, Middle of the Right, and Instapundit. I do like HMJ's response and MotR's comments as well.

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