Saturday, May 30, 2009

It all leads back to Star Trek

And by that, I mean the original Star Trek--Kirk and Spock roaming the universe, monsters that suck all of the salt out of your body, the Pon-Farr. What lead up to that statement was the following article at American Thinker by Rosslyn Smith: What do women want, a timeless question. She is writing about Liberated and Unhappy, Ross Douthat's review of the study The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness by economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers. In her commentary about the review she states: "It is a human paradox that wanting something is often far more satisfying than having it."

Which leads me back to Star Trek. At the end of the episode (Amok Time) where Spock goes back to Vulcan to complete the rite of mating, the Pon-Farr, his betrothed, who has forced him into a situation where he thought he killed Captain Kirk, gives her totally logical thought process (she is Vulcan after all) for bringing things to such a pass. Spock looks at her lover, Ston, and tells him "
After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.."

What do these two things have to do with each other. Really nothing, it's just the way my brain works sometimes and I thought it was interesting. Regardless, both are good commentaries on the nature of wanting.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This COULD work

Randy Barnett has created a list of amendments that would help to redress the inequity of power that has developed between the individual State and the federal government. He calls on Congress to convene a convention to propose Amendments constituting a Bill of Federalism. I read through it and I think they ALL look good. The problem will be to have those cowards on the Hill to actually face up to the populace upon whom they have turned their backs. All of this will have to be adopted on the state level in order to make it fly. It's a step to try to save our country before we go the way of Rome.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jesse Walker makes some good points

In this article Jesse Walker makes some very good points and also underlines the fact that our Nanny state government entities (my wording, not his) tend to hold information close to the chest in order to prevent 'panic'. When the H1N1 brouhaha was starting, the state of Indiana's Public Health department released a news tidbit that said that there was one verified case in northwest Indiana.

I called the state of Indiana Public Health department and suggested that perhaps a bit more information might be useful to help PREVENT panic since I saw the people around me starting to freak out a little bit since northwest Indiana is a fairly large chunk of real estate; and, working at an institution of higher learning means that we're exposed to quite a few germs and viruses. I don't know if it was my call or maybe just common sense kicking in (HAH!) but about a half-hour later they released more information pinpointing the case in South Bend at Notre Dame.

I guess the point is that the government uses the 'doesn't want to cause panic' meme in order to establish control over the flow of information and thus the public itself. If this sounds like tinfoil hat/black helicopter talk, just look at how the MSM has been skewing the news in order to sway public opinion. When the New York Times devotes a full-page article to the glories of Marxism, then you know that there's a BIG problem. Edited to add: Please see THIS over at Power Line--the beginning rumblings of a possible scandal that says that the New York Times killed a story that directly linked the Obama campaign and ACORN because it would have been a "game changer".

Over at American Thinker, Jim Ainsworth has this fantastic piece about the mainstream media and their attempts to denigrate those who call themselves conservatives by calling us lemmings. Hello, pot, meet kettle. There's no groupthink in conservative circles. Read the whole thing, as Glen Reynolds would say.

Well THAT'S a surprise

76 US Senators have actually written a letter to Obama that basically says that he has to be careful not to treat Israel the way he's treated the United States' other allies.

The AFP article can be found here with some of the text of the letter below. It doesn't seem that the Narcissist-in-Chief is willing to listen but at least someone is realizing that we can't leave Israel out to dry like he's doing with our other allies, such as Poland, especially since Iran just successfully launched a new rocket. Israel WILL and has the right to defend itself, even if that defense is preemptive.

Unfortunately, the N-i-C is also going with lack-of-class as usual when dealing with our best allies and didn't even provide lunch for a two hour meeting with Netanyahu. Did no one teach this man even rudimentary manners?? I mean someone walks into our house and they are offered drinks and snacks right after they're offered a chair. If it's around lunch or dinner, they're asked to stay and have a bite. And we're just plain middle-class folks, not those with High Learnings gleaned from the Ivy Leagues.

I personally don't agree with the Senators when they say that we need to continue our programs of US security assistance and training for the Palestinians. They've had their chances, more than once, to get what they SAY they want and they've blown them (literally). Why spend US tax dollars on something that's doomed to failure? Oh yeah, TARP, Stimulus, etc......... Forgot for a moment.

"As we work closely with our democratic ally, Israel, we must take into account the risks it will face in any peace agreement," 76 of the 100 senators wrote Obama in a letter released to reporters.

"Without a doubt, our two governments will agree on some issues and disagree on others, but the United States friendship with Israel requires that we work closely together as we recommit ourselves to our historic role of a trusted friend and active mediator," they wrote.

Arlen Specter as well as Republican Senators Johnny Isakson and John Thune were the lead authors of the letter, which came one day after Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My new tag line

I'm definitely not an expert, but have just enough experience to make me look completely inept to someone who really knows what they are doing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

They've got a really good point

Obama is basically trying to set Israeli policy for the Israelis. This diagram makes a superb point if the tables were turned. Hattip: Advice Goddess.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking...

The month of May has historically been a significant month for me. I don't know why but a lot of big stuff has happened to me right around the Ides of May. My first marriage happened right about the middle of May--I signed the lease on my own apartment when leaving that marriage in the middle of May. I've had a lot of relatives pass away in May.

One of the biggest mistakes I EVER made, happened ten years ago in May (I'm pretty sure it was May, definite it was the biggest mistake of my life).

I got two jobs offers in Boston in the middle of May six years ago and found my apartment there in the same day--before I got a job. I got two job offers in May last year, one of which was for the position I now have.

I was (re)united with the person who is my best friend and love in May last year. Astrologically, I'm not sure why May is significant--I wasn't born in May and I only have one friend who was. As far as I know, Taurus doesn't have a significance in my chart, but there it is. I just happened to look at the calendar and it all came rushing back for some reason.

Why surveys AREN'T a good indicator of anything

A good friend of mine is a professor. Today she got the written portion of her evaluations back and was reading some out to me. In answer to the question, 'how can we make this class better?' she got the following comments: "I like yo-yo's" and "Contrary to what science says, I think we should consider Saturn to be an enemy planet."

Now, while I think the second one is going to HAVE to become my email tagline, it shows that students really don't care to answer these surveys and so they can't be used, as many administrators would like, to be a good indicator of someone's teaching skills and have tenure, promotion, raises, etc. based on such student evaluations of faculty.

This posting at the Bookworm Room really just sums it up for me....

I truly have nothing to add. Read this about the vilification of Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin and the Left's attempts to elevate Michelle Obama to Goddesshood. I concur with Bookworm that bringing back the Roman vomitoriums isn't a bad idea since reading the mainstream media often unsettles my stomach, to put it mildly.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I went to McDonald's this morning and got a parfait cup for my lunchtime enjoyment. I looked at the top and couldn't stop laughing since they are very, very specific in their 'use by' labeling. I wondered what would happen if I ate it at 2:37 pm (is it like Mission Impossible and the parfait self-destructs at the appointed time) and hoped that they weren't on Eastern time.

I have to admit, I didn't tempt fate and ate it around 1:00 pm.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bite me, gun control proponents...

I work at a public university. In the last two weeks, there has been much brouhaha on email that started with a report of two students being beaten up by a group of black kids and devolved, thanks to a particular Marxist theory sociology professor to a discussion of gun control. Guess which way the conversation went?

Woven into this tapestry of utter cluelessness and stupidity were charges of racism (how CAN you tell that people wearing ski masks are black, they might have been Irish). My answer to that is, well, they have hands and eyes, and voices and if you're the least bit observant, you can probably figure it out.

Exacerbating the discussion was a fearful professor who was worried that if he gives a student a bad grade, that student is going to apply for a concealed carry permit and will come to campus and shoot him. So, a student is going to wait for six to eight weeks so they can legally carry and will then come to commit mayhem upon our campus?? I'm thinking not-so-much. Besides, if you are that fearful, shouldn't you also fear baseball bats, ballpoint pens, knives, and plastic sporks--all of which can be used to wreak havoc upon a person??

Unfortunately, since public universities are hardly the bastion of discourse and are instead strongholds of leftist-groupthink, I couldn't answer these morons back (besides the fact that they were using a list to email the ENTIRE university with their diatribes and I didn't feel the need to force MY opinion on everyone). So I blog and present to those who might stumble across this missive, this story which is as much of an answer as I can give. Hat tips to Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, Middle of the Right, and Instapundit. I do like HMJ's response and MotR's comments as well.