Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a bunch of.... bunk

I was reading this article that was on Drudge's front page. I deal with statistics and numbers for a living and I call bullsh*t on the whole thing. Their sample size and methodology was as follows: "The AP-GfK Poll was conducted April 16-20 by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media. It involved telephone interviews on landline and cell phones with 1,000 adults nationwide. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points. " They are throwing around quotes like: "Most also say he's changing things about the right amount and at the right speed. But nearly a third say he's trying to change too many things too quickly. " Think about it: they use a nebulous term like 'most' which, depending on the wording of the survey and how the results were totalled, might not include anyone who didn't answer that particular question so 'most' might be five people.

Judging from the numbers of folks that attended the Tea Parties on April 15 (estimated at about 400,000 or 400 times the number of people polled for this fluff/propoganda piece) , I can't believe this quote: "Others said their newfound optimism had nothing to do with Obama, but rather with an era of personal responsibility they believe has come with the economic meltdown."

One of the points of the Tea Parties was to indicate that the American people feel that the government is rewarding the lack of personal and business responsibility. The American public should be appalled that AP and their pollsters think that we are so stupid that we would give credence to their poll and this article.

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