Friday, April 3, 2009

Tea Parties and Simon Jester

My partner is probably one of the biggest Heinlein fans out there. I've been a sci-fi nerd ever since could read, but had never delved into Heinlein's many-related worlds. There is a group out there at who are building the idea of dissent against authority and have created a symbol of that, which you can see on their website. They see our liberties being eroded, much as they were in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (my present reading material) and know that this goes beyond party and class.

We are going from a republic, straight through democracy to an oligarchy (please take the time to listen to this.). I was a political science major and I still needed to be reminded that the United States system is not based on being a democracy (because that is the meme used by our education system and main-stream media to make us forget our roots) but is a republic and is ruled by law to keep the rights of the few from being trampled by the many.

The Congress (please note that I do not say 'our' Congress because I no longer believe that they are acting by the will of the people, but only for themselves and their own gain) and the President are forming their own oligarchical system--the rule of the many by the few. And the laws that they are passing are apparently only for those of us who are not part of their elite. (see anything on Dodd, Murtha, Geithner, etc. as examples).

They are aided by the main stream media who have abandoned the idea of actually reporting the events of the day to trying to create the events of the day and to a large part they have succeeded. From calling elections for a particular candidate before all polls have closed to attacking the style of clothes worn by a candidate, they have been trying, and to a large part, succeeding in shaping our political world as it stands today.

As a proud American (unlike the President who actually BOWED DOWN to a Saudi prince-hat tip: Michelle Malkin), I will be doing my civic duty and will be attending the closest Tea Party on April 15. The government, the media, and our educational system have been attempting to condition the American public into complacency, much like frogs in hot water. It's time to notice that we're getting close to the boiling point and make a leap for our freedoms.

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