Thursday, April 16, 2009

Indiana and Chicago Tea Parties

There are so many folks out there that have blogged both the Chicago Tea Party and the Valparaiso Indiana Tea Party that have great pictures and video that I will not be putting up any on my site. Please see The Middle of the Right and Founding Bloggers for some fantastic pictures, videos, and commentary.

What I do want to relate is what I noticed at these Tea Parties. Most of the folks that were there had taken off from work (myself included in that--burning a vacation day for something I feel is important), had taken off early from work (Valparaiso), or were there on their lunch hour (Chicago). Bottom line though is that most of the folks with whom I spoke are working people. Generally middle class, regular folks who felt that it was important enough to take vacation time, to take their lunch hours, to take off early (perhaps without pay) to let the government know that they are tired of our 'representatives' not representing us anymore.

Most of us didn't have any prior experience with protesting. We were even SO polite that we stopped at red lights to let traffic go during our march from Daley Plaza to the main event at the Federal Plaza in Chicago. It was interesting that the chick from CNN was really the only person who seemed to want to start anything (and she almost succeeded) but I think she got a reality check later (see this video from Founding Bloggers) and found that the "right wing dangerous anti-government radicals" really weren't so much dangerous anti-government radicals but were thinking persons that were on to her schtick and weren't going to be a party to it or tolerate it. My personal opinion is that the MSM, even local MSM are so full of hubris that they can't imagine that all of this is going on due to individual opinions--that there's no one pulling strings.

There was one guy at the Valpo party who tried to start something by saying "George Bush for King! Isn't that what you people want?" and who left kind of chastened when instead of getting a vehement response, got the fish eye from folks and a "You must be from ACORN". Please to note that he didn't answer to that.

I dont' know where all of this will lead, but hopefully it'll be back to a system where elected representatives actually represent the will of the people rather than taking the imperialist approach of thinking that they know what's best for everyone.

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