Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Smart" diplomacy

I borrowed the term "Smart" Diplomacy from Instapundit....

While most of the people have been looking at our President's domestic policy and how it's making our economy crumble into tiny little bits, I have to admit what's been really bothering me is his foreign policy. I know that foreign policy is not traditionally the forte of Democrats, but OMG, I've never seen so many SNAFUs in such a short period of time (BTW, I was going to try to get another acronym in that sentence but couldn't think of one ).

From Hillary's reset button with the Russians to treating our staunchest ally as a bothersome guest I'm very scared to see what's going to happen on the foreign front.

Firstly, the reset button. Never mind that it's based on the 'Easy' button from some commercial and while many Americans MIGHT get the reference, it's almost certain that no one not glued nightly to their American television shows would. Additionally, since the Russian word for Overload was put on the button instead of Reset, everything went horribly awry. I actually tried it in babelfish and then checked my result with a friend who speaks fluent Russian. Babelfish worked. Unfortunately we now look like rubes (and a nice target) in front of the Russians because we've stumbled right out of the gate. Doesn't anyone in DC know anyone who speaks Russian or has access to a computer?? Coming right after the not-so-secret letter to try to get the Russians to police the Iranian nuclear program with a nice offer to let our other Eastern European allies swing in the wind, I can actually see Cold War II start up.

Now to the visit of the British PM and his wife. Besides being treated like unwelcome guests, the folks in the White House could not even muster the class to produce proper gifts, which are symbols that convey our respect for our relationship with a foreign country. Our symbols of respect to a foreign dignitary were a DVD set of great American movies (like you'd get off of Time-Life) and toy helicopters that someone ran down to the White House gift shop and picked up. Lovely!

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