Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Well, there is a new slang term out there...

 Joining slang terms for masturbating, there is a new one... 'toobin'.  It is specific to masturbating while on a Zoom call, but will probably join the more general euphemisms of rubbing one out, wanking, tossing off, spanking the monkey, etc. relatively soon.

One thing that I did notice is that his stated his big mistake was not making sure the audio and video were off.  Didn't maybe think that doing it in the first place might be the problem.  But that kind of thinking would be too much for the New York eliterati.

A question that came to my mind, (right after WTF??), was with whom was he Zooming since the unlucky spectators indicated that it looked like he was on another Zoom call??

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Please note the 'former'

 So fifty (not eighty-eight, surprisingly enough) FORMER intelligence officials have signed a letter saying the Hunter Biden laptop that they purportedly never heard of is 'Russian disinformation'.  My surmise is that the letter is made of up former officials within the intelligence community because they all had a hand in hiding the information that was found on Hunter's laptop.  

Maybe they all got a cut in a top-down pay-for-play from 'The Big Guy' Biden since apparently none of them were doing their jobs when all of this was going down.  Or else they are former because they truly sucked at actually being intelligent.  

Nine folks were unnamed signatories--wonder who they are.....

Monday, October 19, 2020

Too late you morons

 So Wuhan numbers are increasing.  Hospitalizations are up.  No one 'in charge' purports to know why.  Here's the why:  the bandaid is getting ripped off.  People are insisting that they need to live their lives, and they are doing so.  So the fearmongerers are doing what they do best-fearmonger.  In Illinois they want to 'stop this surge'.  Guess what pumpkins--it's too late.  But this surge will be less than the last one.  And the next surge will be less also.  It's called developing herd immunity.  Plus, sadly enough, the folks who had co-morbidities or were older and vulnerable have succumbed.

They are going with the Fauci agenda--it's small gatherings--family events, funerals, etc. that they posit are the problems.  So they are trying to shut down and control this aspect of life also.

I am starting to lose hope that this madness is going to pass, ever.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Those crazy Brits

So on this side of the pond, the administrative elites such as Fauci and Whitmer say that sleeping with strangers is more than okay.  On the other side of the Atlantic, if you live in different 'Tier' areas, then you can't shag your significant other, unless you're one of the administrative elites.

The way the one article reads, the Brits are one step away from having their citizens wear tags to indicate their Tier.  

Shades of a dark past in a different part of Europe and illustrates how freedom was lost.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Big Surprise--Chicago is the world's rattiest city

 So says Orkin.  I don't think they took Chicago administration and Cook County government into account either.  If they did, then Chicago would also be the most cockroach infested.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

More evidence that masks don't work

The aptly named Dr Box, the gynecologist that is the head of the Indiana Dept of Health has tested positive for the 'Rona.  Her family, the governor, and some of her staff are now testing vigorously and are quarantining.  It was hilarious to watch the weekly update of everyone in empty rooms wearing masks. The B team was also working the tech with a bunch of outages, sound issues, and delays.

All that said, Dr Box is as bad as Fauci pushing the mask agenda.  Blaming non-compliance for the uptick in cases in Indiana instead of maybe blaming overzealous compliance.  Considering the latest reports that show that folks wearing masks are MORE likely to contract the Wuhan and that cloth masks are more likely to aerosolize the droplets that carry it, face-diapers are likely exacerbating the issue.  

So how could a woman, who I am sure is as stick-up-her-ass about this come down with this??  

I'm blaming the fact that she's probably wearing her mask 24-7.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 So 88 faculty at Notre Dame have written an open letter to Amy Coney Barrett asking her to put her hearing on hold until after the election.  Mind you, none of the signatories actually work with her.

Interestingly enough, the letter from the present 88 mirrors in essence the rhetoric of the original 88 from the Duke Lacrosse case.

Not sure what it is about faculty and 88s or why they gaggle in such groups, but thought it was interesting.