Sunday, August 24, 2014

Glad working outside day was yesterday

As Mr B said, yesterday was spent helping a friend who had two rather large trees come down in his yard--right onto his septic field.  So with tractor, chainsaws, log tongs, chains, and bucket forks, we set out first thing in the morning.

I ran the tractor while Mr B took to the tree with chainsaw in hand.  There were several other folks that showed up to help as well--kind of like a barn raising, but with a different objective.  Many hands make light work, but a tractor in the mix never hurts either.  With the forks on the front, I was hauling upwards of 1000 pounds a load and I ran for pretty much 7 hours--that's a lot of tree and that was just the branches, most of the time.   I did bend, then lost, the reinforcing turnbuckle and chain that Mr B put on the bucket  but  it was proof of concept so he's now making a new one that's a tad bit stronger.

Took a half hour for lunch provided by the homeowner (definite class/nice folks and much appreciated--they also brought water around every hour or so).

It wasn't all tractor work--I climbed up and down to load up the bucket and I did find one of the holes in the septic field caused by the tree falling--unfortunately by putting my foot up to mid-calf in it.   Fortunately I have one pair of shoes that's only for outdoor work, and I was wearing them.  Not sure if I'll ever go near them again, but they were solid leather and waterproof (two really good things in this instance).  At least it was towards the end of the field so it wasn't as horrible as it could have been.

The team that couldn't be there yesterday is taking over today so we can get some stuff done around our house.  I was able to help one gentleman--he was a solid worker, but I noticed he'd stopped sweating and got him to stop, rest, and hydrate.  Lessons learned from detassling and reinforced by working with Mr B often.

Today it's catch-up around our homestead and maybe a nice nap this afternoon--not used to that kind  of work like I used to be.  But it was a good day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Breaking a CFL--Hazmat Alert!

This morning I noticed that a compact florescent light bulb had burnt out in the guest room so I got up on a chair to change it out.  Sure as anything, it slid right out my hand and on a pile of clothes.  And broke.  Really, shattered.  And sent shards all over the place.  And if you look on the internet, this type of incident is second only to living near Fukishima or at the Love Canal in the need for hazmat remediation.  ZOMG!  Shut down your air conditioner and open the windows! Hide the pets!  Put on your respirator and coveralls and prepare for decon!

I did vacuum it up and rinsed out the drum afterwards even though the online fearmonging site said to only use duct tape and wet cloths for clean up to avoid the miniscule amount of mercury released from contaminating the whole house.  But "they" even recommend throwing out the clothes that you wore while cleaning it up.  Apparently "they" have a much larger clothing budget than I do.  The clothes upon which this item from hell shattered are going in the wash.  So are the clothes I had on this morning while cleaning up.  Some of the shards landed on my overnight bag that was pretty pricey.  I'm going to live on the edge and just settle with wiping it down with a wet paper towel.

I like the cost savings of using these things, but dang, I'm thinking incandescent bulbs from now on, if I can find any.  Too much stress.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Llamas!

Via Letter from Hardscrabble Creek:

Apparently the ancient Celts held a solar celebration honoring Llamas this weekend, or at least that's how history has been rewritten by the Pueblo Chieftain.

If it's in print, it must be true, so Happy Llamas' Day!  Here's Lloyd the Llama.  He looks pretty happy.  Just doin' my part to spread the word.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Book of Barkley

LB's book, The Book of Barkley, is out.  I have my copies ordered on Amazon (presently showing sold-out).  You can order yours using this link.  Her eulogy to a gentle and loving soul who, in this life had four legs and fur, is a tribute to the bond that they shared. 

I was fortunate to be a beta reader for this book and to know Barkley IRL (he never realized that he really wasn't lap-dog sized) or that a couch might have limited space.  Schmoo treated him like her goofy little brother and it was always a joy to have him (and his red-headed person) visit.  Having him visit after her passing was a balm to my battered soul and his visible joy at arriving at his (third) home never ceased to bring a smile.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who has known and loved a friend-in-fur.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

RIP James Garner

One of the great ones.  From Maverick to Rockford to Maverick's dad, and a whole slough slew bunch of parts in between. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gee,wonder if the bad guy's gun was legal?

So in Chicago last weekend, a guy first confronted and then shot at some people leaving a party.  One of them was a military service member with a legal concealed carry permit.  Two shots and bad guy went to the hospital. 

Two unidentified perps continued to shoot at the people.  Wonder if any of the other firearms used were legally obtained and if the shooters had their permits??  Wonder how bad it would have gotten if the group hadn't had someone who could defend them from the trigger-happy thugs?

Monday, July 7, 2014

So, Facebook?!?

I know a lot of folks on Facebook.  I used to have an account but the reports of privacy issues finally got to be too much for me.  And now they have been experimenting on people using their media without knowledge or permission.  But yet most folks I know still maintain their accounts.  Some of my IRL friends only use Facebook for keeping in touch and yes, I've probably missed quite a bit by not keeping a minimal account.

So, question for everyone still using Facebook:  Why, considering the abuses of the management and the political stance of Zuckerberg regarding 'amnesty' which includes flawed and skewed data to bolster his opinion, do you still have an active account and haven't told them to go pound sand??  Is it that convenient or that useful that these egregious abuses can be overlooked?  Or that you feel that your little account isn't important enough for anyone to look at or use?

I really am trying to understand so any help would be appreciated!