Sunday, February 7, 2016

Simple math does not lend itself to contextual nuance...

This is from a couple of days ago (ht Firehand):  Regarding a report on the fact that 67 out of 70 times, TSA did not catch banned items during screening.  Per the Homeland Security Talking Head, these reports don't look good because they are taken out of context.

Uhmmm... the context was that they tested the system, and the system failed 95.7% of the time.  There are times when there's nuance--the scoring of gymnastics routines or ice skating, or my personal favorite, pole dancing.  There are also times when there's no nuance--simple tests--number of tests divided by number of finds.  Which in this case is three.  Three times out of seventy, the TSA found what they were supposed to.  No nuance to the number three....

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let the bodies hit the floor....

Below is an older video of a parrot singing the song in the title of this post.  I've heard from a professional that the song is a good one to use for counting beats for CPR, but it's one that you generally don't want to sing aloud in that particular situation.....

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some things just explain themselves....

There's a local shop that is going out of business.  I'd been in a couple of times, but her hours were odd and she was generally closed before I got out of work (also not open on weekends).  It's a bead shop so pretty specialized stuff.  I'm not really surprised that she's having to close her doors for good considering her hours, but what really brought it home was when I stopped in tonight (managed to get there about 5 minutes after posted closing, but the door was still unlocked and the lights were on).  So I ask "are you still open?"  "No", she says "I'm on my way out."  She was really quite rude.  I can see why she didn't make it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Not a $5 milkshake

Steak and Shake has a menu item known as a Red Velvet Milkshake.  Being a red velvet cake fan as well as a hand-spun milkshake fan I had to try it since it seemed to be the perfect combo.  My thought:

Not the perfect milkshake, but I'd pay for one again.

PS--Yes, I know Tarantino is a douchenoodle, but Pulp Fiction is actually one of my most quoteable movies (maybe due to the plethora of 4-letter words).

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Standing up for the courage of your convictions, or not...

Nicki, over at The Liberty Zone, has a post up about a kerfluffle in Pittsburg, KS regarding a 'God Bless America' banner that has been in place on the Pittsburg Post Office since 9/11.  It was paid for out of the private pockets of the postal workers, some of whom were military and others. 

Well, some asshat (most likely a new hire at Pittsburg State, if I were a betting woman) decides to call the Freedom From Religion Foundation (a Wisconsin-based group) and have them pitch such a bitch that the locals had to take the banner down.  The local populace is now fighting back at this by having replicas printed and are placing them on private businesses, fences, etc. all over town.  I definitely applaud this action.

But one of the things that really gets me about this is that the twatwaffle who started this brouhaha is still unknown--he or she is hiding behind the FFRF and has never been publicly identified.  He or she did not have the strength of his or her convictions to go to the post office and complain and thus become known. 

And so the locals do not know who this person is and thus do not have the ability to choose whether or not they want to have anything to do with this troglodytic waste of oxygen.   Being that the FFRF is an out of state concern, I think that whatever 'local' started this should have some skin in the game s/he started.  It must be nice to just be able to sic the brute squad on someone and not have to bear any consequences for your actions.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Affecting Middle America through 'Special Investigations'

So the CBS Nightly news has been doing 'exposes' on charities who seem to be funding themselves more than helping the folks they are supposed to be.  Tonight's target was the Wounded Warrior Project whose administrative costs are along the lines of 95%, and only 5% going to the wounded warriors.  This was pretty common knowledge, I think and was covered by a CBS affiliate in April of 2015 so it's not like this was news-news.

On CBS This Morning yesterday, was a story about PACs scamming donors.  The PAC they investigated was called the Conservative StrikeForce. 

Okay, these stories are true.  That said, I'm wondering when they are going to start hitting some Liberal charities and PACs.  Let's just say I am skeptical that they will do so.

Honestly, I think that this is an effort to undermine Middle America's confidence in their charities and, most especially, in giving money to conservative causes and political action committees.  The mainstream media is wanting to dry up funds to conservative causes to make it easier for their candidates and causes.

Yes, I do feel like I need to put my tin foil hat on....  almost.  But I don't think I am wrong.