Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Unworthy thoughts

I am having to deal with a continuation of an issue that is going to cost me all of my vacation and sick time from now until next June.  When I say continuation, I mean pretty much non-stop for the last two-plus years. 

I am at the point where I'd like to be the not-responsible one and say, "Look y'all, I've done my time and have nothing else to give to this clusterfuck of a situation. It has negatively affected my relationship, my health, and my mental well-being.  You figure it out without me."

 Unworthy and human, I know, but man I wish I could be 'that guy' just once.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It's hard to name everything for which I'm thankful.  I've got friends, near and far, a warm house, critters who seem to like me above and beyond being their food source.  I'm blessed to know people who are talented, knowledgeable, clever and who enrich my life everyday with their words and thoughts.   I have a partner who is smart, clever, well-read and who makes me think and analyze the incoming barrage of news and events.  Oh, and he makes for great eye-candy too and happens to be a gourmet-level cook.

My heartfelt thanks to all of those who could not be home today because they are standing watch and protecting us and are between us and those who would cause us harm.

Be safe, all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When you have lost NPR....

So, I forewent my morning conversation with Mr B to some some exploration of radio reporting on Ferguson.  WLS-all over it.  Much to my surprise, NPR, not so much.  They had a lovely piece on the Gulf oil spill and elusive flycatcher birds.

So I figure this silence means one of two things--either NPR is all butthurt because it is clear that Mike Brown was not the choir boy that he was made out to be or else NPR is carrying water for Obama who only now says that the "rule of law" must prevail (oh the irony of that statement coming out of that particular mouth).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

Complicit media

So the former Fourth Estate here in the US has proven once again that they are merely lapdogs of the government, as long as there's a Dem in power.  The seemingly MIA 'Ebola Czar' has apparently not been so much MIA, but has been working behind the scenes with the MSM to persuade them to stop reporting on possible Ebola cases (and probably Enterovirus D68 as well) because that reporting was making the administration look bad (because the truth hurts) and was influencing the election away from the Dems (because the truth hurts).

So gee, honestly reporting what's going on has as much, or more, of an effect on the American people as the histrionics that will surely appear in January when the calls of an obstructionist Congress will surely begin (has already started).

BTW, has anybody heard what's going on with Kaci Hickox??  Her 21 days are up on Monday but aside from some puff articles from four days ago, haven't heard a peep.

Regardless, the MSM has shown that they cannot be trusted if they are willing to put their ideology in the way of truthful reporting.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Got Troll?

An increasing number of folks I know are getting what a friend and I refer to as Basement Trolls--adults who, for whatever reason, are moving home for whatever excuse they can think of.  A friend of mine thought she'd gotten rid of her Basement Troll, but they are kind of like bad pennies and come back when you least expect them.

In studying the behavior of Basement Trolls, I've found that they seem to like semi-subterranean rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting and wi-fi.  Being paid to do things around the house that would be expected as part of living at home, if they were younger than age 18, along with free room and board seem to encourage their nesting instincts and make it harder to root them out of their new lairs. 

While it's possible to prevent Basement Troll infestation through statements regarding the enforcement of rules, curfews, and daily chores, once they have settled in, anything outside of moving to a new home or cutting off their wi-fi connection won't remove them.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gurkhas of the Bird World

This is going to sound weird maybe, but I think that hummingbirds are the Gurkhas of the bird world.  Was watching them guard and fight over access to the two feeders I have out back and they are totally badass.  Their acrobatics, which Mr B tried to catch on video, was extreme--spinning around each other up into the sky; slamming together and crashing onto the deck and rising again.  I made the mistake of going out to move one of the feeders so there would be some space between the two and my only thought as they dove past my head was that I am glad I'm not their target. Little birds with big knife-like beaks.  Wow!