Monday, January 25, 2021

Voting by mail is awesome unless workers are trying to unionize

 Jeff Bezos now thinks that voting by mail is a bad thing.  

It was awesome when the fate of the United States and its future was at stake, but when the rubber meets the road and it's going to affect his bottom line, then the only way to have a "valid, fair and successful” vote is if it's in person.  

Maybe he'll jack it up and insist that everyone sign the back of their ballot like what happened in south Texas when LBJ was running back in the day.  

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mira Furlan-RIP

 There are only a few folks who read this blog who will know who Mira Furlan is and they will be those who watched Babylon 5 or Lost.  I was not a Lost fan, but I think B5 was one of the best shows on television for its five year arc.  

Mira Furlan, as Ambassador Delenn of the Mimbari, kicked total ass.  One of the best scenes ever from B5 is below.  It was a culmination of a large portion of the story.  My apologies to those who won't understand the context, but I'm hoping that the basassery as well as Ms Furlan's acting ability shows.

It's more frightening than I thought

 Check out this article.  There are a couple of takeaways that I'd like to emphasize by repeating.

Less than 1% of adverse injection reactions, including death, are reported or are reported as having a direct correlation.

The US FDA, the body that now requires Graphic warnings on 50% of a cigarette pack, is not warning pregnant women to not get either the Pfizer or Modera injection.  The only thing they are warning about is 'don't get this if you have an allergy to any ingredient.'  

This is because these injections are not FDA approved.  They are Emergency Use Approved--there's a huge difference.  

The UK is telling women who are pregnant or going to be pregnant to got get the injection.  The FDA has no such warnings, even though these injections have not been tested for safety on pregnant women, children, or the elderly.

Let me repeat this for clarity.  These injections have NOT been tested for safety on pregnant women, children, or the elderly.

Teachers Unions are apparently wanting to kill off their charges by threatening to not go back into the classroom unless children receive the injection.  Remember--every Teacher Union demand is 'for the children'.

Elderly folks are having a high incidence of death within two weeks of receiving the injection.  More data is needed to see if the incidence of death is higher than usual in the injection group.

Pregnant women--this should be a freakin' no-brainer.  If you can't take certain antibiotics while pregnant, why should this thing be treated differently?

I am going to finish this with a plea:  when referring to the Pfizer or Moderna shots in your own blogs or when talking to people, PLEASE use injection or shot rather than vaccine?  It is accurate, removes false gravitas, and removes the way that the Left is misusing this word.  Thanks!

Friday, January 22, 2021

RIP Hank Aaron

 I was saddened to hear of the passing of Hank Aaron.  He was one of the greats and was trying to be an example for his community. It may be, or may be not, that his passing was hastened by getting the Moderna Covid injection.  Seems a lot of older folks are 'coincidentally' dying within two weeks of getting the injection.  

Of course the CDC and press are eager to reassure folks that there's no correlation and only a few deaths have been attributed directly to the vaccine.  

It's a coincidence when the injection is involved and it's an attribution when the person has a positive PCR test (that's been tested until they got a positive) for covid.

In any case, Mr Aaron died trying to do the right thing.  And that's a testament to the man and his character.

I wasn't sure what to say....

 I saw a neighbor yesterday.  She was tickled pink because she was able to get her Covid injection.  She had to go to another town to do so and just seemed so happy.

A few things ran through my head:  "I'm sorry that the media scared you so much that you're willing to be a guinea pig" "Stay away from me because you're now going to be an asymptomatic carrier" "I hope you don't have an adverse reaction that is possibly fatal".

The information in this article also was mulling around in my brain.

I just said, "That's great!" and kept walking.  Anything else would have been cruel.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

It's like the W.H.O. was reading my blog!

 On January 8 I wrote a post about how was magically going to get rid of the pandemic by looking at PCR tests and the cycles needed to get to a positive result since the inflated rates have done their work.

I didn't expect it to happen on Day 1 of the turnover in DC and I didn't expect it to be the WHO leading the way (since they, along with the CDC and Fauci can be considered to be one entity subject to the whims of the CCP, it kind of makes sense).  As a side note, the new guidance was written and ready to go on January 13, 2021--makes the timing of the official release even more suspect.......

They are now saying that the Information For Use (acronym IFU, oddly apropos) should be looked at closely since the PCR test is only one of several things that should be considered before tagging a positive result.  You know, like it used to be to identify if a person had a particular virus prior to March 2020.

In addition to tightening the criteria, apparently a second positive test, using that new criteria is necessary for a 'true positive'.

Check out Michael Thau's article on this--he has some additional insight and information.

And, like magic, the pandemic is gone, but the controls put into place will most certainly remain.

ht:  Feral Irishman, B

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Buh-Bye Kohls

 Well, the cancel culture is trying to take out the My Pillow guy.  Kohls, Wayfair, Bed, Bath and Beyond and others are cutting ties, mostly likely due to Mike Lindell's support of President Trump.

I was already torqued at Kohls when they were one of the first retailers to jump on the mask bandwagon.  The 'social distancing' measures they put into place in their stores was laughable.  Nothing says social distance like closing down one bank of registers and an entrance to force everyone to stand in line at one end of the store as well as enter and exit through one door.

So I'm done.  I closed my credit card and my shopping portal.  The nice Indian lady in Kohls' credit card outsource center helped me--nothing like outsourcing when folks are begging for jobs here in the US.

Mixing politics with pillows is just a dumb business move and I try not to do business with stupid when possible.

Nothing says virtue signal like forcing people to have a bad night's sleep.